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Vancon confirmed what I was thinking for awhile now. Spn should end with s9 and free Jensen of this mess. The show is holding him back in a big way not giving Jensen anything new to play and using Dean as a butler and housewife.
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Guys, are you ok? Families?
The news here are unreliable to say the least, one said there's only 1 dead and other said there are many and there are a lot of children!
What's going on? Where to read the proper news?
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OMG! The Drama.

Apparently when you make friends on line you only supposed to kiss their asses and never, NEVER say anything that could be in disagreement with them even if you strogly disagree and are trying to say it in the most polite way you can.Otherwise you'll be defriended with no explanation and no warning despite years of *being friends*.
Take under consideration that the convo was about fandom but you'll be kicked out of personal journal too.
As we call it here деццкий сад, штаны на лямках.

This only makes me cherish my real on line friends more. The ones i can be in disagreement with and who still consider me as their friend.
Thanks you, guys, you know who you are.
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Suits season finale.

So what do you think about it? A season as a whole?

It turned out it's not easy to talk about it on twitter cause you can use not enough characters to describe what you feel.

I for one think the finale was great but very questionable in the same time. I

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My spn prediction.

Let's see if i'm a psychic.
The end of s8: there's something wrong with sam but he's cool and saves the world. Dean is driving him around and cooking for him.
S9: there's something wrong with sam. he ended up in Purgatory (cause they can't leave it only to Dean) in it's worst part but managed to escape bonding with a good monster he could fuck. Despite of being incomplete or whatever he manages to save the world. Dean is there to worry how is sam and also to drive him around and cook for him.
S10. There's def something wrong with sam. But he's ok with that cause he can overcome it and save the world. His driver is there to drive him around and cook for him. i don't remember his driver's name but it doesn't matter.
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I don't want to stress myself reading my flist so i'm going to defriend everyone who thinks that Dean's role on the show is to be a support system for sam and who thinks sam doesn't have to apologize for anything.
If for you it's ok for the brothers to suddenly be fine with each other after all sam did to Dean in the first half of this season with no explanation and no apologies from sam i can't talk to you about the show. We're having very different moral standarts.